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This Tumblr Belongs to The Artist who goes by the handle Nighte. Her interests in animation, art, comics and role play will be shown here.

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If you're not a fan of Deviant Art I have a tumblr that is an art only tumblr without all the random photos and such.

I also have Tumblr's for my World of Warcraft characters. You can find links for all that are above below in the Character and Art Tumblr link.
(Feel free to ask me questions too!)
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nighte-studios replied to your post:OoC
Wow how do you do it lady you so crazy!

A lot of caffeine, cigarettes, and bathroom breaks.

My bronze dragon character Eilif!

Tobahn as a golden retriever and Eres as a peacock!
nighte-studios nighte-studios Said:



Drawing pretty elves with roman noses makes me feel better about my own nose :/