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Because we all love inappropriate questions about our OCs.

(via rurukatt)

The old fashion! Wake up as another gender. How do they spend their day?
nighte-studios nighte-studios Said:

(More art from others, I think this will be my next project.  Drawing updated pictures of my RP characters. That way I can post my own! As you guessed it.. another piece from ramavatarama I’m not stalking him. I promise.)image

(I’d have to say, because I’ve had this happen before. Marcelus would have fun, and be the most entertaining one to walk in another gender’s shoes..)

Marcelus woke, and stepped out of bed yawning. He blinked, his vision slightly blurred as he gazed at the mirror. He..erm she had been shirtless, and noticed a pleasant anatomy change. She grinned, not helping touching his new assets.

"My. my this could be a fun day..Let’s see how long this lasts. Such a pity, whoever did this thought it would be harming me. Mmm.."

She just grinned all the more, taking off for a day after dressing the newfound body he had to display. She would have a day filled with flirting, with exploration, and see what she could gain in his new form. A man, a man had power but so did a woman. She would seek to use this ‘power’ and probably even test out this power in a bedside manner.

((Cause I'm asking two to everyone that sends me one!)) The mun is an artist, but are any of the muses artists as well? In what ways?
nighte-studios nighte-studios Said:

(My artwork for Amure is out dated, I need to fix that terribly. For now, this art is by the lovely tennine it fits her so well.)image

Amure, is probably my most artist character. She’s an inscriptionist, but she does it in a tribal way. I’ve role played her giving shoulder enchants, as a painting ritual of runes. It was fun! She decorates caves and trees with tribal work, as well as send notes with works of art as opposed to writing with words. :)

The only other two that may come close is Ellerah (ellerahmage) my mage, who is an inscriptionist. Her art is her writing though, it’s very elegant and pristine. It’s an art in its own way.

Her daughter Idris (miss-spoilers) has taken on the same trade as her mother, writing just as elegant as her mother’s own. Though she has potential to be a fine artist. She has the time for it, so maybe it might be a hobby for her. Given enough time she could excel at it I’m sure.

And that’s it! I don’t think the character Nighte’s engineering mishaps count as art. Unless you want to count the mess that happens after. If so, I guess she’s just a budding artist too.

TMI, IC: If you do over one specific day, what day would you choose?
nighte-studios nighte-studios Said:


Krysstel picks up the letter handed to her. She blinks at the question within. She normally was cheerful, but that question drew on a serious expression to the Warrior woman’s features.

"I’m pretty confident, if I had a day to choose to do over. I’d pick..Well. I’d the mistakes I made with my first kid. True, it would have you know..Killed my current career and wanderlust. But at least..I wouldn’t have failed her later.But yeah, I was an idiot. I took her out in the cold, didn’t care for her properly that night. She fell ill the next..

I try not to let it be a drag, and even if it was an accident. It’s still blood on my hands, and I can’t get that day back. Sure, I could try and harass the bronze dragons. I could get my ass kicked by them too. If I could get them to change that, believe me I would. I would learn to -be- a mother. The one my kid deserved, even if her father did walk out on me. I wouldn’t let it get to me, I would do better. I would get a home, I would -learn- to raise her.

I would well, I wouldn’t be this either.”

Kryss motions at the armor she was wearing, pulling off a hefty broad sword from her back.

"You wouldn’t see me wielding a sword like this. That is, unless you hurt my little girl. Then you might see it coming for -you-, and while I may not have the muscles of a Tauren or an Orc. I’d find a way to kick your ass."

Kryss fastens the large broadsword on her back, giving the weapon a good pat.

"Anyway, but yeah. If I could change a day, and knew what was coming. I would change that day. Having to lose a child, I never want to go through again. I never expected to react the way I did. It’s not something I let hold me back, but I’m still a person. There are some days..but, that’s what a good brew is for, and luckily now that we’ve stumbled onto Pandaria, I have all the choice brews I could want!"

Kryss gives a wink, folding the letter up and letting it be carried away by the wind.

(Yes the art is by ramavatarama AGAIN but it’s the one piece of art that fits her so well. So I have to use it. XD )



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